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just a few reasons
We Should ALL Wear Vintage


The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions, a number expected to increase 50% by 2030. In the US alone, 85% of textiles (an approximate ~11.3m tons) make their way to landfills annually. Quite a staggering number, especially when factoring in only a mere 12% of clothing is recycled. Many of these clothing are made from fabrics that contain plastics and metals and are unrecyclable. Sadly, an estimated half million tons of microplastics reach the ocean annually. Purchasing (and rewearing) garments is a small step in the right direction.


The quality of vintage garments is unmatched! The fabrics and craftmanship are hard to find in today's world of over consumption, inflation and fast fashion. Even vintage labels are fancy af. And quality is always in style!

Sustainable shopping is one of the most effective & FUN ways to find your personal style. Vintage goods create room to figure out what you really like and experiment with finding or enchancing your aesthetic. It encourages individuality and stretches your creative muscles. So listen, nobody will have ya outfit!


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